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Enjoying a Winter BBQ

We have been very busy over the last few months working on a few exciting new projects.  We have missed updating our blog but will be back with some regular posts including recipes, news and tips on all things Lamb.

It’s been a bit chilly out there lately and we keep hearing from customers and friends, that the BBQ has been put away for the winter, with hooded BBQs there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it all year round.  We love cooking our Lamb on the BBQ so much we are braving the cool winds and grilling up some delicious dinners.  No need to stop at a BBQ, if you own a pizza oven you can enjoy some delicious Lamb cooked in there too.

With the colder weather we have been enjoying some tasty Butterfly legs cooked on the BBQ or to get into the real Winter swing you can slow cook it with some white wine, garlic, oregano and olives.  Serve with some crispy roast potatoes or creamy mash – yum!

Leave a comment or contact us with your Lamb news or with any questions.


Less than 5 weeks until Christmas…

We can’t believe how quickly this year has gone, less than 5 weeks until Christmas… If you are still looking for the perfect Corporate, friends, family gift then look no further, we are still taking orders for our Xmas pack. This can be delivered direct to your lucky recipient* Alternatively our Whole or Half Lamb pack are perfect for your Summer BBQs. We are looking forward to a Butterfly Leg on the Barbie for our christmas dinner, no doubt followed with some Gourmet Racks in the days leading to New Year. These are also great for BBQs on the beach just pre slice the cutlets and grill for few minutes either side – perfect!


Guide to Grill Perfection

image Our ‘Guide to Grill Perfection’ will give you the tools you need to grill the perfect Lamb every time.

Jamie Oliver’s BBQ Lamb Leg

As much as we love our Lamb grilled on the BBQ with some simple seasoning &olive oil, we also love to try out some new variations, this Jamie Oliver recipe was a great success over the weekend, we used Lamb Club’s butterfly Leg.


An easy dinner party idea – Lamb cooked on the BBQ

lambclub13 lambclub

It’s such a pleasure to have friends join you for dinner, but not when it’s too stressful. Our no stress option is to throw a couple of salads together and bbq our Lamb Club lamb. We followed all the instructions that came with the lamb inside the beautiful wooden case, the ‘Grill Guide to Perfection’, and it came out just like it said it would, absolutely perfect, moist and delicious. Our friends loved it too.

Thanks Lamb Club!